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Who Are We?

Our Story

0 Ideas Studios, an indie game development studio made up of recording artist and game designer KOJU, and programmer Mat Nason, have been developing their first video game "Vigilante Love" for three years. Located in Sarasota, FL, they've been working on creating a unique love letter to the platformer genre. With aid from their friends, they've been able to develop a wonderfully difficult demo that's available for download now!


Fancy yourself a HERO?

You are Viggi Dessalines, a former beat cop turned vigilante in the city of Greygray. After realizing part of his department was corrupt and having his family kidnapped, he exited the force and took to the streets on his own terms.
He (being you the player) can spin his tonfa rapidly to attack his foes, charge it to toss it like a boomerang, wall jump and shield jump over foes while doing damage at the same time as well as defend from frontal attacks. Use him to release all the kidnapping victims held in cages and defeat all the mafioso/corrupt cops in your way trying to keep you from your loved ones!
This is Vigilante Love